How can I configure multi bars?

When you create two different bars you have to configure the trigger settings. For example, if you have a standard bar for your whole website and contact bar that you want to show it on contact page: You should add “/contact” page on your excluded urls on Standard Bar and add “/contact” page on your included urls on Contact Bar.

How to use pre-made bars?

In your theme customizer page you can see our premade bars in app embeds section. In this section you can configure the texts, colors and links. If you want to use triggering options, you have to configure it inside our app.

How to use triggering options?

When you are creating a new bar or editing an existing bar, you can click on the Trigger Settings and configure the included and excluded links.

What happens if I activate more than one bar on one page?

If you create multi bars with different triggering options, you have to double check included and excluded urls. However, if this issue happens, the first bar you created will be shown on that page. You can exclude the link in the Trigger Settings in that bar’s edit page.

How to customize the bars?

When you are creating a new bar or editing an existing bar, you can click on the Style section and configure the items and colors according to your brand identity.

Will those bars be shown on desktop views?

No, These bars will be shown only on mobile devices.

Can I use special icons for my menu?

Right now we do not have any upload option but if you shoot us an email we will make it happen for you.

Can I change icons in pre-made bars?

No, if you have to make a custom bar you have to click on “+New Navbar” button and configure it in our app page.

How can I preview bars on App Embeds page in theme customizer?

You have to change the page view to mobile on your theme customizer.

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